Wedding Invitation Wording

Deciding on the perfect wording for your invitations

Please click the PDF for examples

Whatever your chosen style of wedding stationery it’s important that your wedding invitation inserts are word perfect. Along with the style of your wedding stationery the wording of your wedding invitation should reflect the overall style of the day and how informal or how formal your wedding will be. 

For more formal weddings there are certain ‘rules of etiquette’ to remember along with details that must not be forgotten and usually the wording of the wedding invitation is determined by who is hosting the wedding and their relationship to the bride. For Civil Partnership ceremonies the wording tends to follow a more modern style but there’s no reason why the couple can’t choose a traditional style of wording. Of course, you don't have to follow any rules at all, your insert text can take any form and this suits those couples opting for informal or modern ceremonies.

If you are making your own wedding invitations we’ve listed many options below in order to help get the wording content ‘just right'. However if you need further advice or can't find what you're looking for then please contact us. Should you be choosing Bewitching Stationery to create your wedding invitations then you’re in capable hands as our  experience will ensure that your insert wording matches the style of your wedding perfectly. 

You should allow one invitation per family including a courtesy one for the groom's parents and the minister and their partner. Also include family and friends who you may already know cannot come, but who would appreciate receiving an invitation, for example and elderly relative.

Your wedding invitations must contain the following information: 

First name of the bride
First name and surname of the bridegroom and his title (Mr/Lieutenant/Sir)
Date, month and year of the wedding ceremony
Location of the wedding reception

Include all names written in full (including middle names) – don’t be tempted to abbreviate
Traditionally the Bride is listed before the Groom using Christian and middle names only however, please do bear in mind, some religions and military weddings require the opposite.
Numbers are usually spelt out as words eg ‘3’ becomes ‘three’ unless the number has more than two digits

Specify any dress requirements e.g. black tie, smart, no jeans etc Will food be served? (If it's not a dinner/lunch party) When will it finish? If children are invited, make this clear and include their name on the invitation. However, if you want a child-free party, include a short tactful note, such as: 'We are sorry, but we are unable to accommodate children' 

Don't forget to order a few spare to allow for mistakes if you are writing out the invitations instead of having them printed with guest names, and for any extra guests you may decide to ask at a later date.