Pricing Guide

All Stationery provided by Bewitching Stationery will often differ between individual Bridal couples, therefore it is impossible to put a price on all designs. Pricing varies and materials and quantities play a big part too.

We are sure we can put something together that will fit within your budget and help create the perfect stationery for your wedding day.

While you may be inviting 100 guests to the wedding, but you will not need 100 invitations! When you take into account couples and families you are likely to need something around 60 - 65 invitations, but it is always worth taking into account around 5 extras to cover any declines, in case you want to invite somebody else.  Evening invitations can be simplified to help keep to your budget, and will still tie in with your themes and colours.

It is worth bearing in mind that all embellishments have different prices ranging from £0.40  to £2.00, so it may be that the invitation you like has an embellishment at £2.00 which could be changed to a cheaper one to help you with your budget.  Likewise with lace, and some types of ribbon, particularly tartan.

Save the Dates
Save the Dates vary from £1.50 up depending on the style.
This your first opportunity to make a great impression of whats to come, so its worth considering your theme for your stationery and any colour palettes.

Save the date designs can range from something fancy with crystal embellishments, or an A6 postcard style, easy to pop in the post, keep simple or dress it up with lace, crystals,  and other materials.  The choices are endless and I will discuss options in more detail with you personally.

Invitations in some ranges include a postal box and this is noted on the description, and an upgrade is also available to a postal box or a pearlescent cardstock envelope.

Pocketfold invitations include an RSVP and Guest Information, which could be accommodation, venue details, gift list or honeymoon wishes and all relevant envelopes, including an envelope with your RSVP address (extra inserts are available and would be costed into your individual quotation).

Pocketfold invitations are the most popular type of invitation set. They are a great way to hold all your information for the day, with room for extra inserts.  This style will vary from £4.75 - £7.00 each and I can offer various styles and colours.

Wallets include an RSVP and Guest Information, and all relevant envelopes, including an envelope  with your RSVP address

The Wallet will securely hold all your information, but all the information is held in one pocket, but you can have the same sort of information as you would in a pocketful.  Pricing is from £4.50 to £7.00.

Bundle Invitations (flat invitations) will generally include a main invitation, additional information insert, RSVP and envelope.

We offer several designs and these can be altered and amended to suit your theme colours.  To pull it all together it can be tied with twine, lace, or ribbon, or a belly band.  Pricing for this style ranges from £3.50 - £5.00 per invitation. The design can have card backing in colour of your choice, or if you want to keep the cost down then you could have the guest information printed on the back of the invitation.

Laser cut Invitations
Laser invitations can easy be adapted for almost any wedding style or theme as well as bringing a touch of glamour.  We offer wide range of laser styled invitations.  Pricing for laser invitations ranges from £4.25 - £6.30. 

Below is a guide to On the Day Stationery

Place cards
These range from from £1.25 to £2.95, depending on whether you choose some that is fairly simple or to match an invitation style that has an embellishment.

Table numbers
Double mounted, from £2.50 - £5.00

Table Menus guide
Flat menu - double mounted flat card, from £3.00,  depending on whether you choose some that is fairly simple or to match an invitation style that has an embellishment.
Flat - A6 in size combined with name at the top to double up as a place card, from £3.00
Booklet - with paper insert,  £4.00
Triangular - freestanding, layered to each side, from £7.00 - £11.00

Table Plans - pricing depends on number of tables
Unmounted - from £85 - up to 12 tables
Ornate frame from £130

Guest Books
from £24.99 

Post Boxes
from £20.00

Favour Boxes
from £2.50 - £3.50 each

Tissue lined presentation box
From £1.75 each

Thank you cards
from £2.95 each